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Business Solicitors and Divorce Lawyers

Our specialist Divorce Solicitors specialise in Family Law, Divorce, Legal Separation and Children Law.

Whether you are facing a Family Law problem, a Child Custody issue, a Separation, a Divorce, or a complicated Financial matter; our expert advice, without complicated jargon, is just a phone call away. Our clients often express relief when their situation and legal options have been explained to them by one of our expert Family Law Solicitors.

Our Business Solicitors are fully aware of the needs businesses and can supply legal advice and solutions that will add value to your organisation.

Our Commercial team takes into account our client’s commercial interests and we work with every business individually to deliver a cost-effective legal service. We offer competitive rates, flexible fee arrangements and always ensure that our legal advice is in line with your corporate strategy.

To help you understand clearly what your current legal position is straight away, we offer an immediate appointment with a Specialist Solicitor by phone, followed up with a detailed and comprehensive consultation with you the next business day.

Our Divorce and Commercial Solicitors offer expertise across the full spectrum of their respective specialisms

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