Divorce During a Pandemic: Why is it Happening?

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One phenomenon of the pandemic, even months into it, is the increase in relationship issues. Despite the mantra of trying to solve COVID-19 together, many couples are anything but together as they argue and scramble for the divorce papers.

Why is this happening, and how can we prevent it? Divorce is never easy, yet many people are still taking the plunge. Let’s look at some reasons why COVID-19 is increasing the divorce rate.

People Are Together More, And That’s Not Always Good

There are many couples who are only together a few hours a day, especially if they work during different shifts. Every bit of time they enjoy together is precious. When COVID-19 struck, many stable jobs are nowhere to be found, and some jobs were sent home. Because of this, more couples were together.

You may think that this is a good thing, but some couples are discovering that they only like each other in small doses, and absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. When couples are together longer, it’s easier for them to get on each other’s nerves or find arguments if they are not used to the new dynamic. Because of this, it’s much easier to have arguments that will eventually lead to divorce.

Financial Issues

One of the biggest reasons that couples get divorced is financial woes. For example, if one person in the relationship loses their job, the fallout of that can lead people to get a divorce. When times are tough, one person’s spending habits may be an issue as well. COVID-19 has accelerated many couples’ financial woes, and even though divorce is expensive, there are some out there who believe that it’s better in the long run to get a divorce.

Disagreements About Parenting

If a couple has children, there will always be some disagreements about parenting. However, with COVID-19, the disagreements can intensify, especially when everyone is under one roof. For instance, one parent may disagree about the concept of learning from home. This can lead to more arguing, and thus more chances of divorce.

Disagreements About the Pandemic Itself

COVID-19 has brought a new divide in an already divided world. Some people believe that they shouldn’t have to wear a mask out in public, and others believe that COVID-19 is not as deadly as it’s portrayed. With what we know about it, we know this is not the case, but if your partner doesn’t believe this, it can lead to some fighting and a divorce may happen by the other person for the safety of them and the rest of the family.

Can’t Get Outside as Much

Many couples are outdoorsy, meaning that they can’t live without going to the movies or going on a vacation. COVID-19 has caused many couples to be cooped up, and this can lead to more fighting as a result.

Less Access to Marriage Counseling

If someone is questioning a divorce, there is still hope. Many couples will look to marriage counseling in order to repair their relationship when it’s on the rocks. A counselor is able, in some cases, to turn a marriage that is falling apart into a thriving relationship again. However, in the pandemic, many couples may be afraid to seek a counselor or one isn’t available, instead opting to fix their issues themselves. The problem is that some issues are better left to a third party who is an expert in relationships.

Mental Illness

The pandemic has made people’s depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems intensify. While marriage promises to be there in sickness and in health, some people cannot handle depression or anxiety, causing them to end up divorcing. And combined with people’s inability to see a therapist, it can make the process worse.

There is Hope

With all that said, there is hope. Because of the pandemic, online therapy has been increasing, causing many couples to look to getting counseling from the comfort of their own home. Marriage counseling online can be just as effective when one is questioning a divorce, and it may be worth it if you feel like there’s no chance of fixing the marriage yourself without it. For more information, click the link below:


Other Ways to Keep Cool During a Pandemic

  • Besides seeking therapy, there are a few other ways for everyone to keep their cool during a pandemic. Let’s look at some of them.
  • Social distance not just outside, but inside. What we mean is that if one person wants some space, give it to them.
  • Try to find fun activities to do indoors and outdoors that stay away from the general public.
    Stay healthy. Eat right, workout, and get plenty of sleep. This can keep your head cooler.

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