Specialist Business and Commercial Solicitors

If you are in business then you will need specialist business lawyers to make you aware of the vast amount of law and regulation that could affect your business.

Business law covers a wide range of laws and regulations covering your relationships with third parties such as suppliers and customers and internally such as employees or health and safety.

The wide range of business laws mean you need experts with experience in the field as well as just the legal knowledge.

Our corporate lawyers offer specialist advice in relation to the following:

  • Business Shares
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Your Rights as a Shareholder
  • Your Rights as a Director
  • Your Rights as a Company Secretary
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Terms & Conditions for your Company
  • Drafting Commercial Contracts
  • Advising or Drafting Contracts For Your Transactions
  • Partnerships With or Without Partnership Agreements

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Why should you choose our Commercial Lawyers?

At Dominic Levent we know that running a business is difficult, and what you need are corporate lawyers who can work with you, who know your business and can provide practical business and legal advice.

Our small business solicitors believe that you cannot practice law without building relationships, and we invest the time to really learn about our clients.

Our high levels of client satisfaction is only possible because:

  • We keep our clients updated regularly
  • Our firm offers a cost effective service at competitive rates
  • We offer exceptional standards of quality and care
  • Dominic Levent’s specialist commercial solicitors ensure that all work in relation a client’s matter meets their specific requirements, and legally protects them not only for the immediate but also for the future.
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How can Dominic Levent’s Business Lawyers help you?

At Dominic Levent, specialist litigation solicitors will ensure that you are made aware of any legal issues within your business, and protect you against all and any issues your business may have.

Behind every business are the people who run that business and the team that makes that business tick.

By gaining an understanding of how your business operates, looking at what you need now and where you are going, Dominic Levent’s business lawyer can help you achieve your objectives.

Our commercial solicitors analyse and interpret situations astutely, do not hesitate to voice an informed view, and believe that the desired result should be achieved with optimum speed and efficiency.

Dominic Levent’s specialist business lawyers can confidently offer you a high quality service designed to provide immediate operational benefits to your business.

Specialist Civil Litigation Lawyers who can assist you in resolving any dispute or claim

Our business solicitors have vast and sound litigation experience. Whatever the size or nature of your claim, our commercial solicitors will fight your corner for you. Dominic Levent’s expert civil litigation solicitor and property litigation solicitors can provide you with sound, solid legal advice, and support and guidance.

Our Business Solicitors can also help you with:

  • Debt Problems
  • Professional Negligence
  • Industrial, Factory and Warehouse Space
  • Acting for Purchasers, Sellers, Landlords
  • Takeaway Businesses
  • Business Debt Recovery
  • Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT)
  • Business Mediation
  • Business Leases
  • Commercial Lease Renewal

Business Solicitors FAQs

I have formed a Limited Company with my best friend do we need a Shareholders’ Agreement?

There is no mandatory requirement for a Shareholders’ Agreement and Limited Companies can run perfectly well without them if the parties involved are able to agree on all matters going forward and if their interests and vision for the Company stay constant.

However a Shareholders’ Agreement allows the stakeholders in a Company to lay down boundaries and ground rules between each other that Company Law will not do by default.

A Shareholders’ Agreement will allow for  the parties to provide  additional degrees of protection between them for example an agreed cash limit.

After which the unanimous consent of all directors is needed  to spend it on behalf of the company or there can be a right of pre-emption agreed so  that if any shareholder wishes to  leave the remaining shareholders have a right  of  first refusal in relation to the outgoing shareholders shares, by way of a couple of examples.

I have just started up a new business is it worth having terms and conditions?

Our view is that almost every business at any time can benefit from having standard terms of business, as the benefit of having  clarity in commercial relationships with customers  and suppliers is potentially huge in terms of the minimising the risk of litigation.

Where the bargain agreed are unwritten and ambiguous and open to numerous interpretations  retrospectively, as opposed to a  clear set of written agreed rights and obligations that can be more easily enforced and therefore less likely to be  contested in the  first instance.

Can I have a Partnership without a Partnership Agreement?

Yes, in fact two or more people engaging in business together whereby they agree to  share profits and losses are deemed to be a Partnership unless they regularise their relationship in another format for example by trading through a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership.

However the relevant issue is what  are the repercussions if you are Business Partners but you do not have a Partnership Agreement? The answer is that the relationship will be governed by the default provisions of the Partnership Act 1890, and there is a risk that this may not be what one or more of the Partners would have wanted or would have accepted if they had known for example  regardless of initial contributions on dissolution all parties are deemed equally entitled to Partnership  assets (if any) which can cause grave injustice  for example when one party puts in significantly more than the other at the outset.

Under a Partnership Agreement matters such as rights to Partnership  capital in pre agreed proportions is one of many matters that can be expressly pre agreed and settled.

Dominic Levent Solicitors cover the following areas:

  • Arkley
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Our Business Lawyers offer expertise across the full spectrum of Commercial Matters

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