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Starting up a new business at a new premises or even migrating an existing business to a new set of premises can undoubtedly be an exciting yet challenging time. In any event, quality legal advice is an essential part of the process.

With the support of a commercial property solicitor and expert legal advice, your position can be significantly more advantageous.

At Dominic Levent our specialist have in-depth experience in commercial conveyancing.

Our property lawyers and lease solicitors understand that your commercial property transaction could have an impact on your business and/or personal life, either immediately or in the future.

Our specialist commercial solicitors deal with the following commercial conveyancing services:

  • Authorised Guarantee Agreements
  • Freehold Commercial Premises
  • Leasehold Commercial Premises
  • Businesses That Require Alcohol Licenses
  • Industrial, Factory and Warehouse Space
  • Acting for Purchasers, Sellers, Landlords
  • Retail Businesses
  • Takeaway Businesses

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How our Commercial Property Solicitors can help you?

Seeking expert advice from our specialist property solicitors will ensure that you are legally protected, and that your matter is dealt with professionally and efficiently throughout.

We take pride in our approach to conveyancing and have the pleasure of consistent positive feedback from our clients. This is because:

  • We understand your business needs
  • We ensure that the lease or contracts meet your requirements
  • We deal with your matter professionally and efficiently
  • We keep you informed regularly
  • We offer cost-effective services at a competitive rate
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Our solicitors are experts in their field

Our solicitors are experts in conveyancing matters; you can be assured that our commercial property solicitor will provide you with sound, concise and practical advice.

Our commercial lease solicitor ensures that your commercial conveyancing matter is dealt with efficiently, without compromising on the exceptional levels of service our commercial lawyers provide.

Our expert Solicitors at Dominic Levent can also assist you with:

  • Consumer Rights
  • Bankruptcy
  • Terms & Conditions for your Company
  • Drafting Commercial Contracts
  • Business Leases
  • Commercial Lease Renewal
  • Residential Leasehold Disputes
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Debt Recovery

Commercial Property FAQs

Will my rent remain the same during the length of my lease?

The answer to this question is contained within your lease and namely if there is a Rent Review clause.

The longer the proposed lease term the more likely a landlord will want to have a Rent Review clause to enable the landlord to increase the rent in the future for example to offset the diminishing value of the rents due to inflation in the future.

There are different types of Rent Review Clauses, examples include “Upwards Only Rent Review” clauses whereby the rent is reviewed to the what the market rent is at review and if its lower it stays the same but if the open market rent has increased the rent will increased in accordance with it.

“Stepped Rent Reviews” are determined at the time the lease is entered into and provides for the rent to increment in accordance with  a set prices and set intervals e.g. £10,000 per an annum year 1 then £12000 per annum Year 2 etc.

“Open Market Rent Reviews” are based on upon what the Open Market Rent is at the relevant review date and these can provide for the rent to go up or down dependent on the open market rental values in the locality.

“RPI Rent Review Clauses” are based on the Retail  price Index and provide for the rent to increase at the relevant review date in accordance with the rate of inflation. “Upwards Only Rent Reviews” seem to be  the most popular  with private landlords which we trust is no surprise

I have a lengthy commercial lease, is there any way for me to end the lease early?

Whether or not you can end a lease early without the landlord’s permission or by being in default will depend upon if there is a “Break Clause” within your lease and if you have exercised it properly. break clauses are usually “time of the essence” namely they must be exercised according to strict limits or the right to break is lost.

I am taking on a lease of a commercial property, will there be a premium to pay?

Whether  premium is payable or not is a matter of commercial negotiation and the negotiating position.

A premium is usually paid when the lease being  transferred or granted  is also packaged up with sale of a business or business equipment  and the premium relates to the value usually attached to goodwill, fixtures & fitting or equipment.

If there is no related  business sale packaged up with the lease  then a landlord has to persuade the prospective tenant that the location alone justified a premium on top of the tenant taking on the leasehold covenants.

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