Divorce Lawyers and Relationship Breakdown

Dominic Levent Divorce Law solicitors understand that divorce can be an emotionally testing time.

Our expert family law solicitors are based in Barnet. They are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome. They support you fully through the process. The ethos of the firm is to assist our clients through these difficulties. Finding the right strategy and approach is important. We adopt a caring and supportive role. We enable clients to deal with all of the problems that arise from divorce.

We will ensure that you are updated at every step. We offer specialist and experienced advice in relation to any of the following areas of family law including:

  • Divorce and children
  • Divorce and separation
  • Divorce settlement financial advice
  • Divorce and pensions
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Civil partnerships

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Divorce Lawyers

Why choose our Divorce Lawyers

We endeavor to promote a constructive approach to family disputes. We minimise areas of conflict in a manner which is in the best interest of the family.

We take pride in our approach and enjoy consistent feedback from our clients.

Our success has been built through developing long-standing relationships with our clients because:

  • We explain the process clearly
  • We keep you informed at regular intervals
  • Offer cost effective legal services at a competitive rate
  • We offer individual tailored solutions to your situation
  • We will provide clear information about costs

We offer an immediate appointment with a Specialist Solicitor by phone. This is followed up with a detailed consultation at a time that suits you.

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How can we help you?

At the start of a separation, the situation may seem overwhelming. Our family law solicitors can provide you with the information you need and assist you in many other family matters. We help you to understand what your legal rights are.

Our divorce solicitors are committed to ensuring your legal issues are resolved as speedily and effectively as possible.

We also can help with:

  • Financial Remedy Following a Foreign Divorce
  • Cases Pertaining to Family Owned Businesses
  • Future Ownership of Jointly Owned Property
  • Financial Claims Affecting Adult Children
  • Non Molestation Orders
  • Jewish Divorce
  • Islamic Divorce
  • Variation/ Enforcement of Financial Orders
  • Declarations of Trust
  • Complex Financial Proceedings
  • Overseas Divorce
  • Cross-Jurisdiction Matters
  • Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Child Relocation
  • Domestic Abuse and Injunctions
  • Occupation of Family Property
  • Grandparents Rights
  • Change of Name Deeds

Divorce Law FAQs

How long does the Divorce process take?

A simple undefended divorce should take between 16-20 weeks and possibly less, if there are no unusual complications.

Which Court will deal with my divorce?

Your Divorce Petition should be issued in the Family Court in England and Wales which covers your postcode.

How long do I have to be married before I can get a divorce?

You cannot get a divorce under any circumstances until you have been married for one year.

You could, however, apply for a Decree of Judicial Separation on effectively the same grounds, or possibly a decree of nullity.

What are the grounds of Divorce?

There is only one ground for getting a divorce and this is that the marriage has inevitably broken down.

Within this there are reasons for getting a divorce: fiver year separation, 2-year separation, unreasonable behaviour, adultery.

Does it matter who issues the Divorce Petition?

The person who applies for a divorce by issuing a Petition is known as the Petitioner, the other party is known as the Respondent.

It is the petitioner who decides the grounds for the divorce. Generally, a petition alleging adultery or unreasonable behaviour may contain unpleasant claims, which can obviously cause problems.

The Petitioner may also seek an Order that the other spouse should pay his/her legal costs, which again can cause difficulties.

These problems can be resolved if a sensible dialogue is established at an early stage, so that matters are agreed before the petition is sent to court.

We advise you seek advice from Dominic Levent Solicitors in these situations.

What happens if my spouse refuses to expect the divorce petition or acknowledge that he/she has received the papers served to them.

You can apply to have your Divorce Petition served personally upon your spouse by the Court Bailiff.

This would then constitute proof of service, and your spouse would no longer be able to ignore the proceedings.

What happens if I do not know where my spouse is living?

The basic rule is that a Divorce Petition must be served upon the other spouse so that he/she is made aware of the proceedings, and can decide whether to defend the Petition.

If you genuinely do not know where your spouse is living, then the Court might dispense with the need for you to serve your Divorce Petition to enable you to get a divorce.

However, before granting such an Order, you would need to prove to the Court that you had made all reasonable attempts to locate your spouse.

The test is known for being quite strict however.

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Our Divorce Solicitors  have expertise across the full spectrum of divorce law.

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