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Family life is rewarding and challenging in equal measure but there are times when you may need the help of specialist family law solicitors.

You may simply want to know what your rights are, or understand the implications for your children or your financial position if you decide to divorce after many years of marriage.

Dominic Levent Solicitors are a North London based specialist family law firm who will do their utmost to achieve the best possible results for their clients. Every family has a unique story, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Our family law lawyers are aware that divorces can be very emotional time for all of those involved. Our solicitors will support you through the whole process.

Our Specialist Divorce Lawyers also cover:

  • All matters related to Family law
  • Financial settlements
  • Pre-nuptial and Post- nuptial agreements
  • Child arrangement matters and child access
  • Cohabitation agreements

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Why choose Dominic Levent Family Solicitors?

Dominic Levent Solicitors will offer an honest, caring and reliable service as they are experienced in dealing with very personal matters and are committed to help you achieve the best possible outcome in the following matters:

  • Divorce
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Child Abduction
  • Cross border divorce
  • International Family Law issues
  • Child adoption
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Family Law

Family Law matters can have a significant impact on family and relationships, particularly adoption, divorce, custody and abuse. Our lawyers are specialist in their fields and take pride and care in what is considered a very sensitive and private part of people’s lives.

Our divorce and child solicitors are aware that divorces can be an emotional time for all of those involved. Our family solicitors hold an unrivalled reputation for offering an honest, caring and reliable service. As divorce often includes children, we can ensure that your case is conducted with the utmost efficiency. Whether starting a new relationship or breaking up with your partner, our lawyers can help.

How can our specialist Family Lawyer’s team help you?

Our experienced team can provide you with much needed guidance and support with all of your Family matters.

Whether you are planning to end your marriage or you need help with the financial aspects of your separation, if you have child custody or child access issues, we will deal with all aspects of family relationships in the best possible way and seek the best possible outcome for you and for everyone involved.

We will help you through the process and provide sound advice through the whole ordeal.

Family Law FAQs

I have been married to my husband for 10 years, he is a businessman and frequently travels away on business trips. I have been living in the house we share by myself for 2 years; although he provides me with monthly allowances here and there which has enabled me to pay the rent and contribute to the mortgage. I have not seen my ‘husband’ for 2 years and believe that I am living a single life. I suspect that he is having an affair as the separation has gone on for far too long. Thus, I would like a divorce.

The only ground for divorce is the marriage has irretrievably broken down but you have got to prove it by one of five facts. In your situation, you could plead desertion, two years’ separation. It is important to provide details of the date upon which you both separated, together with brief details of the circumstances bringing about the separation.

The court may require full details of the living arrangements, including those which relate to sleeping, eating and domestic duties, sufficient to show that you have separate households under the same roof. You also added that you ‘suspect your husband has been having an affair’ as part of the petition it is possible to plead more than on fact within a petition, either in tandem or in the alternative. In your case, you can do it based on your husband’s unreasonable behaviour or the alleged adultery. If it is adultery and you find it intolerable to continue to live with that person, that’s the basis for getting a divorce. But if you can’t prove it, then the way to do it is to file based on unreasonable behaviour. So, don’t worry about getting actual proof, you can do it that way.

Discussions involving assets will also be discussed in your meeting with our solicitors. The fact that your marriage has lasted for 10 years is a positive indication as marriage creates rights, obligations and entitlement whereas simply living together creates none.

I was wondering whether I would be entitled to legal aid. I have been the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of my boyfriend, I sought legal services elsewhere but they said that I was a viable candidate for legal aid. I would like to known whether this is true?

The Government withdrew legal aid for divorce, related finance, and children cases on 1st April 2013, unless there has been domestic violence. It is anticipated that hundreds of thousands of people who would previously have been eligible for Legal Aid will now not be.

Legal Aid remains available for mediation if you meet certain criteria.

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you with Legal Aid (public funding) as we have chosen not to apply for a franchise allowing us to run legal aid cases, so you must seek representation through a solicitors practice that offer public funding if you wish to make an application for legal aid to fund your case.

I want to divorce my husband; I have discussed my concerns about our marriage and am adamant that a divorce would be the best choice for us. My husband however does not want to separate rather he is hindering the process. My solicitors have sent him numerous of letters pleading with him to disclose the full extent of his financial assets but he refuses to. What can I do?

It is important in any case that there is full (absolute) disclosure of your respective finances. This includes details of all assets (including business interests), liabilities, income, outgoings and pension provision with documents in support.

Where your husband refuses to do this then you are entitled, within divorce proceedings, to make a financial application using Form A. The Court will then automatically schedule a timetable for certain tasks to be completed. One of those tasks is the preparation and exchange of financial information in a form called a Form E. It is a requirement that documentary evidence of the information in the form is also produced, such as 12 months’ bank statements, pension valuations etc.

You are then entitled to consider the financial disclosure and ask questions of the information provided. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in your husband being ordered to pay your legal costs.

I am a father who wants to see my daughter, my ex-girlfriend will not let me see my daughter since she discovered that I plan to marry my new partner. I just want to see my daughter she is growing up fast and I am scared she will forget who I am once I am no longer in her life. please can you advise me?

This is a difficult situation and I empathise with you. Firstly, we would need to seek a child arrangements order. This Order regulates arrangements relating to with whom and when a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact with.

As you both cannot agree on who your daughter should be living with and how much time she should spend with the other parent, you both may apply to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order.

Before making a relevant family application you must attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) except in certain circumstances, for example where there is evidence of domestic violence, child protection concerns or an emergency.

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