Civil Litigation Solicitors

There may come a time when an attempt to persuade another person or business to do what they have agreed to do fails.

Even using your best efforts to compromise and to achieve a negotiated settlement may not be enough.

When this is the case, contacting our litigation solicitors can help you resolve your issue.

Our team of expert civil litigation lawyers will make or defend claims and civil law cases in a speedy and efficient manner.

Our litigation solicitors offer specialist advice in relation to the following:

  • Issues Relating to Planning Law
  • Building Disputes
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Disputes with Neighbours
  • Debt Problems
  • Negligence
  • Consumer Rights
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant Issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • Professional Negligence

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Why use Dominic Levent Civil Litigation Lawyers?

Our commitment to quality and client care is your guarantee of a first class service from our dedicated team of litigation lawyers. You can rest assured that your civil litigation case is in safe hands.

Dominic Levent’s expert corporate lawyers believe close contact with clients is the best way to tailor advice to the particular circumstances of each case. We will keep you updated at every step of your case.

We achieve high levels of client satisfaction because:

  • Wherever possible, our litigation solicitor always seeks to settle disputes by negotiation (Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR)
  • Our Firm offers a more personal service by making ourselves available via phone or email
  • We keep clients updated regularly and comprehensively
  • At Dominic Levent, we offer cost effective legal services at a competitive rate
  • We offer high standards of client care and quality
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Alternative dispute resolution at Dominic Levent

In many cases, disputes can be resolved by using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation.

These procedures tend to be more informal and less adversarial than going to Court. Our civil litigation solicitors will work for you to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome to both parties.

There are occasions however, when Court action is necessary. Rest assured that our corporate lawyers will provide a robust and efficient presentation of your case in order to gain best result for you.

Specialist Civil Litigation Lawyers who can assist you in resolving any dispute or claim

Our business solicitors have vast and sound litigation experience.

Whatever the size or nature of your claim, our commercial solicitors will fight your corner for you.

Dominic Levent’s expert civil litigation solicitor and property litigation solicitors can provide you with sound, solid legal advice, and support and guidance.

No obligation Civil Litigation advice

In some cases we can resolve your issue at our initial consultation. Our lawyers will take the time to review your case, and apply the necessary course of action, whether this may be instructing our expert civil lawyers, or whether your issue can be resolved with a single meeting.

We also can help with:

In some cases we can resolve your issue at our initial consultation. Our lawyers will take the time to review your case, and apply the necessary course of action, whether this may be instructing our expert civil lawyers, or whether your issue can be resolved with a single meeting.

  • Business Disputes
  • Disputes Between Partners
  • Disputes Between Shareholders
  • Disputes Between Co-directors
  • Business Shares
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Your Rights as a Shareholder
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Authorised Guarantee Agreements
  • Freehold Commercial Premises
  • Leasehold Commercial Premises

Civil Litigation FAQs

Will my case be tried at a court?

The majority of cases that are issued, do not require a trial at court, in fact on average in excess 90% of litigation cases are settled out of court.

There are many methods of settling a case, one of which is Alternative Dispute Resolution, which allows for the parties involved to settle the case without the need, risk  or expense of going to a final trial.

At Dominic Levent Solicitors, we are active in pursuing Alternative Dispute Resolution as a method of trying to settle your claim.

However, should the need arise to go to court, we are equally as prepared and robust in our approach to achieve the best possible result for you.

Which Court will my case be heard in?

In cases where you are seeking cash compensation the case should  be filed at the County Court Money Claims Centre and thereafter it is transferred by the County Court Money Claims Centre to a more suitable Court once the Court considers  the geographical location of the parties and Court space/time availability amongst its considerations when selecting a Court location it deems to appropriate to try the case, by contrast  cases based on property (realty) are usually subject to the Courts that have jurisdiction for that geographical location.

Can I recover my costs of litigation if I win?

In litigation the general  rule is that the costs follow the event, chiefly the loser pays the winner’s costs.

There are exceptions to the aforementioned  principle  for example but not limited to if the case is tried in the Small Claims Court, if a party is held to have  unreasonably refused ADR or the matter is settled out of Court and the parties agree to bear their own costs as part of the settlement.

However if the matter is settled at final trial then a costs order is highly likely to be made and it will usually be in favour of one party at the expense of the other, however 100% cost recovery is very rare  and the difference between the costs incurred and the cost spent is known as “costs leakage”.

Dominic Levent Solicitors cover the following areas:

  • Arkley
  • Arnos Grove
  • Barnet
  • Botany Bay
  • Burnt Oak
  • Bush Hill Park
  • Brent Cross
  • Colindale
  • Colney Hatch
  • Cockfosters
  • Church End
  • Crewes Hill
  • East Finchley
  • Edgeware
  • Enfield  Forty Hill
  • Friern Barnet
  • Grange Park
  • Golders Green
  • Hendon
  • Hampstead Garden Suburb
  • Henley’s Corner
  • Monken Hadley
  • New Southgate
  • Southgate
  • The Ridgeway
  • Waltham Cross
  • Whetstone
  • Woodside Park

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors offer expertise across the full spectrum of Commercial Matters

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