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Feeling alone on your divorce journey can become one of the worst parts of your experience. Often even people we love and respect are at a loss on how to help support us during this most difficult of times. I remember during my own divorce having a really amazing group of friends who try as they might, as non divorcees, had no idea what the process was, or how it can bring even the strongest of people to their knees.

Divorce especially at the beginning, feels very overwhelming no other time in your life will you be navigating a break up, legal proceedings, and changes to your finances, home, child custody and maybe even career all in unison. We are often stressed just by the sheer amount of practical and emotional upheaval and having to also try and explain or justify anything to family or friends can leave us feeling perplexed at best and shame filled at worst. On the other hand bottling everything up and having no one to speak to, in a non judgmental supportive way can make us feel worse.

This is why finding the right kind of divorce support for you is so vital to your divorce journey and your outlook on life after divorce. The good news is you can find divorce support many places, to fit your needs. The best kind of divorce support can be found in other divorcees who share your story and who can empathize with the issues you also are dealing with.

Churches- churches and other religious or spiritual organizations often offer in person group support and care for those struggling through divorce. Check with your local place of worship for courses and support groups. Sharing your stories among people of the same faith and belief systems can help us feel supported and understood. People who have a faith community, often find comfort within these groups.

In person Meetup groups- meet ups help in two ways, firstly they allow you to get out of your home and have a social event to look forward to. Secondly they allow you to meet in person with others in your situation, giving us a healthy dose of local divorce support. It is also a really great way to try new things and find new passions as often these groups explore local dining options, activities or areas.

Online divorce support and divorce community- such as DreamsRecycled offer those separated, divorcing or divorced a free place to connect to others in their same life stage. Whether you wish to vent, laugh, share your story or plan your great new life, you are sure to find group members who match your needs. Online support also allows us to read and hear others stories, until we are feeling brave enough to share our situation or ask for advice.

The last place to find support is around you-in co workers, other parents, neighbors or distant relatives. It can be daunting to reach out to acquaintances in real life, but I have never met a divorcee unwilling to listen, advice or support another divorcee. We all belong to a group that we probably never thought we would join, and this bonds us in a way that we instantly can remember how it felt to navigate the stress of this life changing event.

Where ever you choose to get divorce support, remember that you are never alone in your journey. People often can and do create their best life possible after divorce. Divorcees go on to remarry, have more children, travel the world, start new companies, change careers and most importantly create a new happy life. We also through our divorce journeys are able to grow stronger, braver and more independent. It is important for divorcees everywhere to bond with those who have already been through this journey so they can understand that life no matter what the circumstances, always has the potential to be as beautiful as you make it.

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