All is not well in your relationship? Do you both hardly give time to each other? Is there is no communication on a daily basis? Is your partner not your priority anymore? Do you feel lonely and left out even after being with your partner? Are you depressed and sad? Are you finding a way to get out of the relationship? Do you tend to hide things from your partner? Well, the questions are never-ending. But, the answer to them can be – divorce. Yes, do you feel that you and your partner are not compatible and you cannot make this relationship work? But, think before you go for a divorce. After all, it is painful and distressing. Here, we tell you about the signs which you should not ignore and take lightly.

 Your interaction with your better half is not at all positive

Do you keep on arguing or fighting too often. Are you too playing that blame game? Is that affecting your mental and physical well-being? Yes, you have heard us here! That negative interaction with your partner is an important sign that your communication needs to be improved. Having a negative communication all the time is not good for a relationship. To top it all, if this happens every day then surely it is wrong.

You are not happy in your marriage

Do you feel sad and lonely all the time. Do you feel that you were doing good when you were single? Yes, every couple has their shares of fights and arguments. But, is your relationship making you unhappy? If you are not happy with your partner then it is a clear sign, right?

 You both live like roommates

Don’t ignore this one. Do you sleep in one room and your partner in other? If you don’t know your partner’s whereabouts then, you are not on the right track. Living separate lives and not acknowledging each other indicates that you no longer care.

 Your priorities have changed

Earlier, your partner valued you and now, has your partner forget to do so. Are you out of his priority list? Yes, people tend to change over a period of time. But, is your partner away from home all the time or wants to take up job in some other country, then it is a warning sign.

You find reasons to ignore your better half

Do you tend to hang out with your friends instead of going home and spending time with your partner. Do you often do so? Well, you have to give it a thought again, it can be bad for your relationship.

Published: December 1, 2018 8:42 pm | Updated:December 1, 2018 8:48 pm

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