Falmouth Committed To More Wind Turbine Litigation

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In June of 2017, the Massachusetts Superior Court agreed with the semi-judicial Falmouth Zoning Board that the town-owned wind turbines are a nuisance.

In July the Falmouth Select Board voted not to appeal the finding. Chairwoman Susan Moran said: “It’s time to put the matter behind us and move forward.”

The turbines are shut down.

In the past few months, the Falmouth Select Board has listed inEXECUTIVE SESSION 1. M.G.L. c.30A s.21(a)(3) – “Discuss resolution of all turbine litigation” at all the board meetings as number one on the agenda.

Each week the Falmouth Select Board meetings allow 2 minutes for residents to present or ask questions in the open session.

According to Falmouth Select Board Chair Susan Moran, questions or statements about the wind turbines cannot be made in the open session because the board lists “Discuss resolution of all turbine litigation” as number one each meeting. In other words, as long as the board lists wind turbines on the agenda no one can ask the board questions of the wind turbines.

The question is why hasn’t the Select Board appointed a committee to take down the wind turbines. According to Falmouth wind turbine regulations, the turbines must be removed after one year of non-operation. Falmouth wind turbine number one has not operated for over one year.

This now forces the neighbors to file a request for enforcement action based on the abandonment of the wind turbines.

Wind 1 has been inactive for at least one year and Wind II will be shut down a year in June of 2018.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center gave the Town of Falmouth 1.8 million dollars to help pay litigation costs for the wind turbines. The Falmouth Town Meeting Members have been approving up to $300,000.00 every six months for outside legal counsel.

Falmouth Town Meeting is April 9, 2018. The Town of Falmouth at one time had up to eleven ongoing lawsuits over the wind turbines.

At the 14 plus minute mark, Select Board Chair Susan Moran tells Falmouth resident, Dave Moriarty, he can not speak or ask questions about the wind turbines.

Falmouth Board of Selectmen October 30, 2017 Video

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