Local woman killed by husband wanted divorce, mother says

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BRUCEVILLE-EDDY, Texas (KWTX) The family of a woman killed by her husband in a murder-suicide in Bruceville-Eddy Saturday is releasing more details about the tragedy.

(Photo courtesy Katherine Singh)

Katherine Singh, the mother of Monica Tharpe, 31, who was shot to death by her husband Kevin Tharpe, 40, on Saturday morning, said her daughter had left Kevin and wanted a divorce.

“My baby was full of life and she wanted to live…and she knew she was dying,” said Singh.

Singh, along with Monica and her two daughters, ages 3 and 7, had moved out of the house Kevin and Monica shared in Chilton and had been staying at a friend’s house in Bruceville-Eddy on Woodlawn Road near I-35.

“She filled me in more, she said ‘we left because he threatened every day he was gonna kill you and me and the kids and burn us up in the house,’” said Singh.

Monica had finally had enough of Kevin’s threats, so two weeks ago, they left.

“She told him ‘I want my kids, you can have everything here, I want a divorce.’”

It all came to a head Wednesday night, when Singh said Bruceville-Eddy police arrested Kevin after making threats to kill Monica and her family, burning some of their clothes and other items, and slashing Monica’s tires and putting sugar in her gas tank after learning she’d met someone new.

“I mean, I’m not worried about my stuff, I’m like ‘don’t kill my baby,’” said Singh. “He said ‘I’m gonna drag her to hell.’”

By noon Friday, Kevin had posted a $4,000 bond for criminal mischief, possession of marijuana, and two misdemeanor harassment charges.

It’s unknown how he got there, but Singh said someone dropped Kevin off at the house they were staying at after 7:00 a.m. Saturday, and he brought a gun with him.

“Somebody had to drop him there, somebody had to give him that gun,” said Singh.

Seven people were home at the time, including one of the couple’s daughters.

Singh said she had just woken up and was trying to go back to sleep when she heard four gunshots.

“As soon as I closed my eyes, I heard ‘pow, pow, pow!’” Singh cried. “She didn’t scream or nothin’, but you could tell she was trying to get away ya know, he woke her up out of the sleep and…he killed her.”

Singh said a friend of theirs had trouble entering the room Monica was sleeping in because her body was on the floor, but once they got a glimpse, Kevin yelled for them to get out of the house.

After calling 911, Singh said police told them to leave and go to a neighbors nearby.

“I’m going nuts, I know in my heart she’s gone,” said Singh.

Two hours later, following a standoff of sorts, Singh said Kevin shot himself immediately after a SWAT team entered the home.

“He took my baby away from me, and not only did he take my baby away from me, he took ‘em from my grandbabies,” said Singh.

Singh said the younger child, Angel, was at the house at the time her mother was killed, and her Aunt had to tell her, her mother had gone to heaven.

“She said Angel got up this morning and said ‘my mama’s an Angel,’” said Singh.

Health issues caused Singh to move from Oklahoma to live with her daughter, granddaughters, and Kevin two months ago.

Singh said Monica and Kevin had been together for 13 years and were married for ten, but Kevin had changed the last four years, especially over the past few months.

“I just don’t understand why, I really don’t,” said Singh.

Although she didn’t understand the reasons for killing her daughter, Singh said Kevin had recently been fired from an oil field job, and believes drugs and mental illness may have been factors.

“He would yell at her, cuss her out, then the next minute he’d be telling her he loved her,” said Singh.

Bruceville-Eddy Police Chief Bill McLean said the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers, and the Texas Department of Public Safety were assisting in the investigation.

Authorities sent both bodies to Dallas for autopsies.

Monica’s family was waiting to make funeral arrangements until they got her back.

The couple’s daughters were staying with relatives and Singh was having to stay at a hotel until the house on Woodlawn was finished being cleaned.

Singh said the pain was setting in.

“I’m dying inside,” she said. “And it don’t get better for me, it just continues to get worse, ya know?”

Singh said Monica was a homemaker who loved to sing and always put others before herself, but her legacy was being a mother to her girls.

“Oh my God, she loved her babies, them babies came before anybody,” she said.

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