Pune Woman Asks Divorce From His Crazy Husband Who Measures The Size Of ‘Rotis’ And Asks Her To Main…

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Divorce is often avoided by most couples because they have serious concerns regarding social, emotional and economic fallout of splitting up. However, there are times when the situation becomes so uncontrollable that parting ways seem like the only option left. The reasons for divorce vary and sometimes turns up to be absolutely bizarre.



Recently, one such case that could easily fall into ‘bizarre’ category was filled in Pune court. We bet that you have never heard of such bizarre and sadistic reasons before.


This lady got married to an engineer in 2008. The initial days were quite delightful until the husband started acting weird. He started demanding worksheet from his wife for all the household chores. Any changes in the regular household work were subjected to get approved by the husband through email.

According to the lady, her husband demanded that she documents the daily chores in an excel sheet. He used to check the sheet daily and in case of any pending work, he demanded written reason from his wife. She further alleged that he used to beat her in case of any pending works.


She added that even the breakfast was prepared according to a special menu set by the husband. The worst of all is that she was forced to make “rotis” measuring 20 cm. In case of variation in size, she was tortured. Unable to withstand this physical and mental torture, she decided to file for divorce. She filed the case on grounds of domestic violence.


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