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Kelly Clarkson admits she can ‘NEVER imagine getting married again’ after nasty divorce from ex Bran…

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KELLY Clarkson admitted she can “NEVER imagine getting married again” after her nasty divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. She also recently admitted that she can’t stop crying over her failed marriage. 11 Kelly Clarkson revealed she can’t fathom going through another marriageCredit: The Kelly Clarkson Show 11 She asked Gwyneth Paltrow how she was able to get into a second marriageCredit: The Kelly Clarkson Show During Wednesday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show where she talked to Gwyneth Paltrow, the mom of two congratulated the actress on getting married two years ago and having Steven Spielberg be her unofficial wedding […]

Litigation Privilege can protect your Accident Investigation – Lexology

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The Irish High Court has recently held that an Accident Investigation Report Form completed by an employer following a workplace accident is protected by litigation privilege. Mr Ladislav Kunzo suffered a workplace injury in Kepak Meat Processors on 14 September 2016. Four weeks later, he consulted with his solicitor who then wrote an initial letter of claim to Kepak. Mr Kunzo’s solicitor then made an Application to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board and Court proceedings were subsequently issued on his behalf. Kepak served a full Defence. Mr Kunzo’s solicitors sought discovery of various documents including the Accident Report From and […]

Why ‘human intelligence’ is vital to asset tracing litigation

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By Adrian Leppard CBE, former Commissioner of the City of London Police Investigations relating to commercial litigation and money laundering primarily focus on evidence that is both publicly available and easily retrievable. It can, nevertheless, be challenging to find evidence of the truth, especially when those who are motivated to hide the evidence have taken extensive measures to ensure that the paper trail goes cold. The records, signatures and witness evidence that is readily available to investigators often proves to be insufficient when trying to establish the full facts behind each event, or the true ownership of certain assets.  Human […]