6 Signs Your Marriage Is On The Fast Track To Divorce | Leslie Petruk

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Maintaining a marriage requires intentionality. Just like other relationships, if your marriage doesn’t receive the necessary time and attention, it will deteriorate.

Couples tend to enter marriages with great expectations, bringing both their own histories of hurt and unmet needs. The unspoken expectation that your partner will finally love you the way you desire is often a setup for failure.

Apathy and contempt are warning signs of divorce, and also red flags that your unhappy marriage needs your attention. And the number one predictor of divorce is conflict avoidance. So if you and your partner avoid conflict and lack the skills of conflict resolution, your marriage may be in jeopardy.

Dr. John Gottman, a marriage and family therapist, and a leading researcher on marriage has conducted studies over the span of 40 years to determine the predictors of divorce. His studies show that these six characteristics of communication predict the likelihood of divorce with 91 percent accuracy.

If the dynamics in your marriage fit these patterns, your chance of divorce is great.

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