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After you’ve gone through a divorce, it’s easy to envy the young people who haven’t experienced much heartbreak. Maybe you believe it would be easier to meet your soulmate with fewer heartbreaks and disappointments.

The truth is, the experience you bring to dating after you’ve been through a divorce can help you meet your soulmate and achieve lasting love.

Hopefully, you learned from your marriage and divorce and are ready to do things differently when it comes to love. You’re no longer naïve about life and love and you can choose more wisely and be more discerning through the dating process — even when it’s scary or intimidating to imagine dating again. 

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The secret to meeting your soulmate after divorce is in using the end of your marriage as a powerful tool for learning and discovery.

Just because you didn’t get it right the first time doesn’t mean that you can’t get love right the next time.

Here are 8 reasons why dating after divorce helps you meet your soulmate.

1. Your expectations are realistic.

No one gets married thinking it won’t last. Your hope for what could be turned out not to be. You’ve come out the other side and experienced failed love. That can be a great motivator to do things differently this time.

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