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Relationships can be complex and fragile. It doesn’t always work out that people who once loved each other stay together until death do they part like they sincerely believed they would.

Sometimes, feelings pass away. Sometimes, people change. Sometimes, spouses simply can’t continue living together.

How can you tell your husband that you want a divorce, when you know he doesn’t?

Civil divorce starts with the right words. The first conversation may be the first step to an amicable breakup that can help you save your time, money and energy and maintain a cordial relationship with your future ex-husband. 

There is no one winning recipe for how to tell your husband you want a divorce. It’s a tricky conversation, but you can make it less traumatic for both parties if you are ready for it.

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Step 1 — Get prepared.

Before talking about divorce with your husband, you need to make sure that this decision is the only correct one left. Try to understand what you feel. It can be challenging, but it’s vital. 

Are you unhappy in your marriage, or are you just unhappy with your husband’s recent actions? You should try to remain objective when assessing the situation and control your emotions.

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