The One Behavior That’s The Biggest Predictor Of Divorce | Mary Ellen Goggin Jerry Duberstein

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Of all the tell-tale signs that a marriage may be in trouble, contempt is the worst.

There are many reasons why contempt in marriage is considered one of the greatest predictors of divorce. And if you’ve reached this stage, you may not see any way out.

But if you can commit to learning how to stop feeling contempt, you can — even against the odds — save your marriage.

You can even get past merely saving it to recapturing the love that first brought you together. Even the happiest marriages have their dark moments.

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She doesn’t like the way he leaves dishes in the sink and assumes he doesn’t care about her feelings. He doesn’t like how much money she spends on clothes and assumes she doesn’t care about their bills.

Criticism in marriage and relationships is an easy pattern to fall into.

People get frustrated, tired, angry, and even bored with the “same ol’ story” they’re writing in their marriages.

Pet peeves and irritations turn into global accusations of “always” and “never,” setting up the accused to be defensive. And defensiveness — like criticism, contempt, and stonewalling — is a predictor of a marriage’s demise.

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