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A woman says she divorced her husband after she claims he told “the most ridiculous lie I’ve ever heard” when she confronted him with a photo from a nightclub photographer.

TikTok user Tylar Paige uploaded a series of videos, which have racked up more than 2.2 million views, as she explained that she spotted her partner in photos “with a bunch of girls” on the venue’s Facebook page.

The man posed for the picture holding a shot in one hand and a bottle in the other – but it’s what was missing from his hand that was spotted by his wife.

Tylar says: “He’s not wearing his wedding ring. So I ask him about it. He tells me that they Photoshopped his ring off.

Tylar Paige in her TikTok video
Tylar said the pair have since separated

The nightclub photo
She claims she noticed her husband, on the far right, had ditched his wedding ring

“They Photoshopped his ring off!? Oh, sure they did. We’re divorced.”

As viewers demanded to know more about what happened, she added: “So after realising he was married to a Photoshop expert, and no nightclub photographer is going to take all that time to Photoshop his ring off, he changes his story.

“He tells me that he must have taken his ring off when he washed his hands, and forgot to put it back on. Huh, what a convenient time to forget to put your ring back on.”

When she noticed his cousin also didn’t appear to be wearing his ring, she claims he only made matters worse by saying you couldn’t see it in the dim lighting because it is black, only to see him later and spot that it was silver.

The videos racked up hundreds of comments, as people joked the nightclub had probably photoshopped him into the venue, and another added: “The girls were CGI too.”

Others shared their own similar experiences, as one wrote: “Oh my ex husband’s ring fell off in his Instagram stories from work but somehow he found it and put it back on every day before he walked in the door.”

And someone else said: “My ex was on a dating site… his excuse was it was an old profile and dating sites make the accounts of hot people look active to get more people.”

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