Expert Survey Reveals The #1 Reason Couples Divorce

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A survey of counseling professionals from — the digital leader in love and relationships — offers compelling insights into why marriages fail.

The leading cause of divorce? Communication problems, followed by sexual infidelity and “not spending enough time together/not mutually prioritizing the marriage.”

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Unfortunately, 54% of experts polled agree with the assertion made by author Dana Adam Shapiro that only 17% of marriages are happy. However, YourTango Expert Meri Arnett-Kremian is skeptical, explaining “I’m suspicious of the bias of his interviewees since they were talking about the breakup of their marriages—which presumptively were unhappy or they’d still be together. How are we defining happy?”

Experts also had bad news for divorcées: 58% agree that a divorcee’s chances of getting divorced are higher than someone who has never been married.

Another indication a marriage will fail? Cold feet.

Consistent with the results of a UCLA study, a whopping 80% say that a bride’s pre-wedding doubts are a harbinger of divorce, about which YourTango Expert Dr. Susan Heitler explains, “Not all doubts prove predictive, but often something that looks problematic at the outset gets worse over time.” Meanwhile, perhaps surprisingly, 86% of experts agree prenups have no predictable impact on a couple’s likelihood to divorce.

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