Divorce rates during Covid in Europe (press release)

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Over the last years, more people have been getting a divorce in Europe. The 2020 pandemic seemed to have accentuated this trend as many couples were forced into lockdown together and were forced to face old relationship wounds or problems in isolation. Eurostat points out that Ireland is one of the EU states to have recorded the lowest divorce rates in recent years, however, the situation is not the same across all Member States.

Pandemic divorces

Italy is one of the EU countries that have reported an increase in divorces and at the same time a decrease in marriages. Official data presented by a local news source shows that the divorce rate increased by 60 percent in Italy in 2020 (according to the Italian National Divorce Association).

Other countries have not currently released official data for the 2020 divorce rates. The UK’s Office for National Statistics is expected to do so later in 2021, however, an increase is expected as divorce centers also processed a backlog of work, resulting in 8% more petitions, a higher number expected for 2020. According to data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, unreasonable behavior remains the most common reason for opposite-sex divorces and it may very well be cited as the reason for pandemic divorces.

Historically, data from Eurostat shows us that the highest divorce rates in Europe were recorded in Latvia and Lithuania, Denmark, and Sweden. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Malta and Ireland are the EU Member States with the lowest divorce rates, followed by Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Italy. However, with an increase in divorces in Italy because of the pandemic, it is reasonable to expect the same from other countries with previously low rates of divorce.

Seeking aid

Dealing with marital or relationship problems is unique for every couple. Partners may choose to separate or divorce and in this case, they are advised to seek legal aid from a specialized attorney, such as a divorce lawyer in Ireland from LawyersIreland.eu for couples living in this country. Others may choose to save their relationship and schedule an appointment with a couple’s therapist.

The coronavirus outbreak has put families and couples under significant strain, and it has prompted many of us to take a sincere look at ourselves, our friends and families, evaluate and adjust accordingly to improve the quality of our relationships.

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